Destination Unknown

chelsea majoros
6 min readNov 10, 2016

I know I am not the only one floored by the way this election turned out. This is American Brexit. Our country took step back 50+ years last night, and I’ve complied reactions via text that I received immediately following the results and early into the next morning. I’ll let them speak for themselves.

Any words of comfort? No. There are no words, stock up on canned goods, batteries, and tequila- the end of the world is near

Five flags have been burned on campus and three fights have been broken out. I don’t even feel safe

I’m in a fucking nightmare. What’s our plan? I need comfort food. A diner that serves alcohol and a decent president. Maybe some ice cream. And a place that’s okay if I’m crying

You know a president is problematic when [my university] brings a counselor to the law school and reserves a room for people to grieve… One kid that didn’t vote because “he is a white guy and it didn’t matter to him” goes “I don’t get why people are crying as women like it’s not a big deal for you guys” and this girl goes “um let’s just start with reproductive rights” and he goes “I mean like it doesn’t affect our age group though like I get it if you’re twenty but at this point just have it”

I can’t even fathom this right now.

I’m so upset I can’t even wrap my head around it. HOW are we supposed to live in the world?

goodbye to roe v. wade, obergefell v. hodges. fucking loving v. virginia and brown v. board probably while they’re at it

I just want to say that we have a presidential candidate endorsed by the KKK who is closer to winning than a woman who has spent her entire life as a public servant

She’s not perfect but she’s better than a pure bigot who actually has a scary resemblance to Hitler

The worst part is that this is a result of a failure in our education system which will only get worse under a republican rule

I just can’t understand how you could reconcile a semi-decent human being and a trump supporter

can you imagine if a black person ran for president with children from three different wives? This just shows how behind we are

Let’s face it like I’m a woman trying to work at and make partner at a large law firm which women already aren’t accepted in and that on top of financial pressure like in a trump word I’m probably never going to be able to achieve the career or the goals that I want in my life. I just feel so hopeless you know like especially at school all these white men are around us saying they don’t get why we hate trump so much but I just feel like my dreams are so unattainable right now because of the fact that I can have a kid like that is what it comes down to and its honestly the most frustrating feeling in the world and it’s even more sad when other women don’t understand the impact this will have on them like we already had it hard enough under an amazing Obama presidency what are we gonna do?

This is so disgusting



if you have to “admit” who you’re voting for then you need to ADMIT that your candidates a problem

I have truly and completely lost faith in this country

I can’t stop sobbing

It was nice having any semblance of rights but I guess we should move or get our aprons on

it will be great again in exactly the way he wanted. america will be white again, america will be racist again and america will be sexist again

I just can’t imagine what this means for our healthcare system

For our international relations

For all of the minority’s living in this country

Just the fact so many dumb, hateful people live in the US

Like what can we do now??

There has to be something

Well now a man who had his twitter taken away by his staff for lack of control will get the nuclear codes and we have a red senate so everyone be sure to get their aprons out and get back in their place as an American woman


rip row v. wade

rip reproductive rights

rip obergefell v. hodges

rip economy

rip any cracks in the glass ceiling

rip health care

i’ll miss you all

I just woke up to this. I have a sinking feeling. Congrats America you have proved to the world that we really are a bunch of nuts

Red all across the board it couldn’t be worse women might as well just kiss any dreams good bye for the next four years at least there’s NO ONE to check them

I’m so sad, ashamed, disgusted and scared

It’s high time we focus on education

We have a freaking reality star as our president…… who has bankrupt DOULE DIGITS worth of companies but he is still somehow “successful.” and who literally can’t form an English sentence. Our PRESIDENT has a mastery of English that is just below the sixth grade level.

This just hurts, and all I can think about is the negativity he has brought out in people. I really hope people don’t take this presidency as an excuse to be ignorant towards others and harass them for being who they are. Not trying to make this personal in any way but as someone who has a sister that is part of the LGBT community makes me nervous as hell for what her future now holds. Not only for her rights but for her safety and acceptance by others. We now have a rhetoric in this country to hate others and let them know. Remember when America was “great?” That’s because people kept their damn mouths shut. No it wasn’t perfect but and it’s great we can speak our minds more freely today but now it has created this way of thinking that “if he can say it so can I.” It’s selfish, inconsiderate, and extremely ignorant.

It’s not the Republican Party, it never was about the Republican Party. It’s Donald trump coming into this and messing it up.

My family members have been members of the Republican Party for years, and this is not the party they grew up with

The Republican Party is completely dismantled.

This president is already setting out to overturn Obama’s executive veto’s. This President has run on a platform of hate and he won because that’s the reality of our country. He wants to make America great in the old sense- he’s an old white man a great America him is an intolerant and racist America and a hateful one I mean look at some of his comments even looking to curb free speech and attack the media for things that he should be able to take as a candidate granted It is a lot of the republican party has been EXTREMELY problematic in their sense of “economic” boosting, they focus on the upper class and leave the rest of the country behind which is proved by their extreme dips in unemployment and economic growth during their reigns however these numbers also have come out a lot in recent years and that’s me coming from an all republican family BUT Donald is someone who is literally had his fucking twitter taken away because he couldn’t handle it and now he is about to run our country I am so scared for the further curbing of abortion access, for the incessant fight against LGBTQ rights that is to come and for that god forsaken excuse for a fight against isis that he “knows more about than the generals, believe me” that will ensue

a bunch of diplomates did anonymous interviews absolutely panicking

I just don’t have faith that were going to survive this term with a major attack or at best (one can only fucking pray) an impeachment but now that we have a red senate that’s never going to happen they’ll do everything to help him not fail

Well I’m glad I was too lazy to complete my women’s studies minor because the clocks rolling back today. I hope everyone likes having men control every aspect of their lives.

it’s the 78th anniversary of Kristallnacht and I’m so scared it’ll happen again because of our fucking country

I’ve experienced sexual assault and this feeling I feel right now is indescribable. I have never felt so invalidated and unsafe. Maybe I’m being dramatic but seeing someone in the highest office of the country who is being investigated for that is just something I cannot wrap my head around. It feels like how I think it would if the person who did that to me was just elected.

We have checks and balances for a reason and I think we will make it through but he’s such a symbol for that kind of behavior and hate

I’m paralyzed with fear

Goodbye to legal, safe abortion and affordable reproductive healthcare

The fucking stock market

Like yeah let’s take it back 70 years to fascist Germany. SOUNDS GOOD.